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Recaldent® Gum

Recaldent® sugar free gum is recommended for patients with increased risk of caries or erosion.

Recaldent® Gum


ReCALDENT gum helps your teeth in many ways*

Chewing ReCALDENT sugar-free gum with long lasting flavours helps stimulate saliva flow. Saliva keeps our mouths healthy and is nature’s way of protecting our teeth. The inclusion of RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) into a sugar-free gum enhances the benefits of stimulated saliva by helping:

  • protect teeth from erosive mineral loss e.g. acidic beverages
  • inhibit plaque formation and growth of harmful bacteria on teeth
  • protect teeth from decay-causing acid in plaque
  • promote enamel subsurface remineralisation

*The Anticariogenic Effect of Sugar-Free Gum Containing CPP-ACP Nanocomplexes on Approximal Caries Determined Using Digital Bitewing Radiography M.V. Morgan, G.G. Adams, D.L. Bailey, C.E. Tsao, S.L. Fischman, E.C. Reynolds Caries Res 2008;42:171–184


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