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G-ænial Flo X

G-ænial Flo X

G-ænial Flo X

A traditional flowable with exceptional strength



G-ænial Flo X is a high radiopacity and high strength flowable composite designed specifically for optimum handling in lining, micro cavity and fissure sealing applications. The best handling "conventional" flowable - yet with greater strength than most conventional composites.

  • High radiopacity
  • Excellent wetting and adaptation
  • A lower viscosity, ideally suited for liner applications


A flowable with impressive strength
Innovation in filler technology gives you a high strength composite in a flowable consistency.
Designed to be strong enough for application in any classification of cavity.


High radiopacity
Perfect for defining the cavity outline in radiographic images for direct or indirect procedures. G-ænial
Flo X shows one of the highest radiopacity among flowable composites at 303%Al.


Enhanced fluidity – ideal handling for lining application
G-ænial Flo X gives you total control over the flow. It’s designed to wet and adapt yet maintain control for complete ease of application.

  • Perfectly matches and adapts to natural tooth shade resulting in invisible aesthetics
  • Simple, easy shade selection
  • Non-sticky consistency for superior handling
  • Easy to polish for a smooth, glossy surface
  • Optimum translucency




3.4gm (2.0mL) syringe, 10 dispensing tips
Dispensing Tip III refill 15pcs
Available in 4 shades: A1, A2, A3, Opaque AO2