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Message from the President

What started 95 years ago as a tiny laboratory in Tokyo, Japan, has become a global company that is committed to making a contribution to people’s oral health around the world. I believe the passionate devotion and strenuous efforts of GC Associates have brought about this successful growth.

Looking ahead to our 100th anniversary in 2021, GC is making continued efforts under Vision 2021 to become the number one dental company in the world through further contributing to a healthy, long-living society. However, the management must be able to cope with the external business environment, which is unpredictable. We need to be proactive and make sustainable changes and innovations. Moreover, we need to increase our organizational strength and resilience to cope with change. I firmly believe that these efforts are indispensable to GC’s ability to flexibly cope with future changes in the external business environment, to realize our vision to become the world’s number one dental company and to enjoy prosperity in the coming years.

Thanks to the strenuous efforts of GC Associates, GC’s corporate quality (including products and services) is highly valued. Corporate quality should be built by the consistent customer-oriented efforts of all GC Associates throughout the GC Group, including R&D, manufacturers, sales, and indirect departments. If these efforts are neglected, we will face a crisis. In short, complacency could be our biggest competitor. In our efforts to improve corporate quality, we should never be satisfied with the status quo.

The unity of GC Associates, which we have maintained over the past 95 years, is one of our great advantages. Under our corporate philosophy of SEMUI we will make continued efforts towards the realization of Vision 2021 and take a quantum leap forward.

Kiyotaka Nakao, President GC Corporation


Dr. Kiyotaka Nakao, President GC Corporation


Mr. Makoto Nakao, Chairman and CEO of GC International, and Dr. Kiyotaka Nakao, President of GC Corporation

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